These portable single phase electric heating units we call Vacubreakers are used to raise the pressure in a low pressure chiller to enhance the service process of these chillers. 

They afford leak checking and ease of maintenance and have been in  the market with continuing improvements since 2000.  Recently, we added stainless steel heat exchangers to replace the old copper and brass and also added individual fusing for the elements.

         Minimal working parts

         Mechanical electronics

         Individual fusing for elements

         Stainless steel heat exchangers

         in/out stainless pipe and valves included

         110 V pump included

Suggested Retail Price $3,355

Contractors or Distributors
Click here to request a Quote for the VB-32A
NEMA 4 Enclosures $950
Hand Cart $200
Alligator Cable $250 (25 Feet)



Phase of Electricity Required Single VB-24A
Full Load AMP Draw at Available Three Phase Voltages
N/A means this voltage is not available in this model
Full Load Amp Draw at 575 49
Full Load Amp Draw at 480 66
Full Load Amp Draw at 208/240 135
In/Out Pipe Size 3/4 "
Heat Exchanger Material 316 SS
Enclosure Size W x H x D 15.5 x 15 x 7.75
Area Needed To Install and Repair 24.5 x 27 x 40
Enclosure Size Including Fittings 30.25 x 18 x 7.75
Enclosure Rating Nema 3 - Nema 4 Available
Mounted at Customer Site Via Remove top of box to access 2 holes in back of box
Efficiency Rating 98.90%
Operating Pressure Range 0-150 PSI
BTU Output Per Hour 109,184
Temperature Output Maximum 145
Output Temperature Settings Available 135 or 145
Output Temperature Adjustable

Yes & No, With the ETC you adjust the temperature in the recirculation system so that when the pressure in the chiller is high enough the heater shuts off.

The fluid temperature going back to the chiller is always fixed.
Number of Over Temp Protections one
Maximum Flow in G.P.M. at 60 PSI 32
Shipping Weight in Lbs. 68
Shipping Box Size 40 3/8 x 14 x 20 3/8
Warranty 2 years electrical parts
5 years on heat exchanger

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