This page discusses your options available regarding adjusting the temperature output of our heaters.

CE SERIES - The CE series heaters have their own internal electronic controls where you set the output temperature as a standard feature so no added controller is necessary.

ELECTRONIC TEMPERATURE CONTROLS - The CF series heaters require an Electronic Temperature Control to turn the heater on or off if they are in a re circulation system. In a normal on demand situation the ETC is not required. The electronic temperature control (ETC) supplied by Tankless Inc. is a Ranco product at a cost of $300.

It measures the temperature of the inbound water and turns on the heater if the inbound water temperature is less than the “temperature turn off” temperature less the difference. For example, if you have the temperature set at 180 and the difference at 1 the heater will turn on if the temperature coming in is less than 179 degrees.

There are four settings.
Scale=Fahrenheit or Celsius
Temperature = The tankless electric heater turns off when the inbound fluid reaches this temperature.
Difference= The tankless heater turns on when the temperature drops by this amount from the temperature setting.

For example, if you had the turn off temperature at 180 and the difference at 1 the heater will shut off at 180 degrees Fahrenheit and turn on when the liquid flowing thru the system reached 179 degrees.
Type of system = Heat(H) or Cool© This is always set to H.


The CF series heaters turn on and off based on fixed temperature thermostats. The settings we use are 90,110,125,135,145,155,185,and 200 degrees Fahrenheit.
If the fluid passing by these thermostats is less than the above settings the thermostat closes to create a circuit which sends a message to the contactor that pulls in and electricity flows thru the elements and the fluid is heated. When the unit reaches temperature the thermostat opens and a message is sent to the contactor to shut down. When this happens the unit stops heating fluid.

The pressure switch turns the heater off if the pressure drops below a standard set in the switch. There are levels of controls available at varying costs. The normal switch (PS1) shuts off at 3 PSI and is standard in all our commercial water heaters. The (PS2) shuts off at varying levels set by the customer costs $205. The (PS3) shuts off at 100 PSI and costs $160.

Each switch comes with a delay timer that delays turn on when the system restarts after a customer specified delay. The delay allows air to flow thru the system and avoid air in the system that damages the high watt density elements.
This is a good safety feature if there is any chance of a drop or shut off of water pressure.

Any questions concerning temperature controls, please feel free to contact us.

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