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Commercial Options - Valves, Pumps, Temperature Controls - Re-Circulating Systems - NEMA 4 Enclosures

Tankless has a full line of add-ons for all of our commercial heaters. You can choose what you need form our navigation bar on the left, or from the links below. If you have any questions about which product you may need, feel free to call us Toll Free - 1-800-826-5537.


ELECTRONIC TEMPERATURE CONTROLS - The electronic temperature control (ETC) supplied byTankless Inc.is a Ranco product at a cost of $100. It measures the temperature of the inboundwater and turns on the heater if the inbound water temperature is less than the “temperature turn off” temperature less the difference. For example, if you have the temperature set at 180 and the difference at 1 the heater will turn on if the temperature coming in is less than 179 degrees. Click here for more details and to order.



MIXING VALVES - We recommend a 3/4" mixing valve (MVH) at a cost of $100 supplied by Honeywell for normal applications.  It is easily set and monitors the temperature by mixing more or less cold water with the hot water from the heater.  It can be set from 75 to 145 degrees and allows a maximum flow of 12 GPM.  If you need more flow thru the system we have a 1" model available for $200 that allows a maximum flow of 16 GPM and a 1 1/4" model for $575 that flows a maximum of 30 GPM. Other models are available that allow different temperature ranges. Click here for more details and to order.



PRESSURE SWITCHES - Our standard pressure switch (PS1) insures the unit is not energized unless
you have fluid coming to the unit. This feature also comes with a delay switch that delays turn on of the unit upon restart to afford another level of safety. Click here for more details and to order.



NEMA 4 Enclosures. Our standard box is NEMA 3 which make usable in outdoor and indoor applications but it is not air tight. NEMA 4 enclosures are available for our larger heaters in both the CE series and the C series. Click here for more details and to order.



PUMPS AND TIMERS -Tankless carries a full line of pumps in many capacities. Click here for more details and to order.



COMPLETE RE-CIRCULATING SYSTEMS - Re-circulating systems serve a number of purposes; minimize the size heater you need to do a specific job, reduce the time it takes to get hot water to the point of use and allow for very accurate monitoring of the systems temperature. Click here for more details and to order.


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