This page discusses your options available regarding adjusting the temperature output of our heaters.

 CF Series Options


The electronic temperature control allows temperature adjustment in recirculating loops. The customer dictates when the unit will come on by indicating the following items;
system temperature and difference.

The unit turns on at 100% capacity when the temperature of the fluid returning from the system drops below the system setting minus(-) the difference setting. For example, if you wanted 120 F water in the system you would set the system temperature at 120 F. Then you would set the difference to say 7 F. When the return temperature reached 113 F the unit would come on at 100% and heat UNTIL the return temperature reached
120 F and the cycle would start over.


The flow switch is a paddle switch that engages at 3 gallons per minute. It should be used when the customer wants to heat batches of water. It should not be used in true “on demand” situations where the customer does not want to wait for the cold water to flush out of the system.

CE Series Options

CE SERIES - The CE series heaters have their own internal electronic controls where you set the output temperature as a standard feature so no added controller is necessary.

RS 232 interface $350


This is available option in the CE and the CES series line. The customer can access the internal readings and outputs in the unit via a standard RS 232 plug that links to the computer board in the unit.

Optional For All Units


The pressure switch turns the heater off if the pressure drops below a standard set in the switch. There are varying levels of controls available at varying costs. The normal switch (PS1) shuts off at 3 PSI and is standard in all our commercial water heaters. The (PS2) shuts off at varying levels set by the customer costs $205. The (PS3) shuts off at 100 PSI and costs $160.

Each switch comes with a delay timer that delays turn on when the system restarts after a customer specified delay. The delay allows air to flow thru the system and avoid air in the system that damages the high watt density elements.
This is a good safety feature if there is any chance of a drop or shut off of water pressure.

External Kill switch $1000

This kill switch allows power shutdown to the water heater from a push button on the door of the heater.

Click Here to download more information about our Kill Switches



Class 1 Div 2 Air System for hazardous areas $4500

Enclosures to meet Class 1 Div. 2 requirements.

To accomplish this we use a purging system from Bebco Industries, model 1002. The customer supplies compressed air and the system removes and prevents the accumulation of flammable gases in the enclosures. This system is used with our NEMA 4 boxes to meet the above requirements.  They can also be installed where one larger unit supplies
up to four heaters at a total cost of $4500 plus an added $750 for each added heater
controlled by the same unit. This is a model 1003 from Bebco Industries and it can service
up to 75 cubic feet of enclosures or four 36 x 48 enclosures.

Any questions concerning our switches or interfaces, please feel free to contact us.

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