Stainless Steel Water Heaters

September 12, 2012

Tankless, Inc. is now manufacturing stainless steel water heaters for corrosive applications. These heaters work exactly the same as our electronic line (CE) of heaters, except they use stainless steel fittings and passivated 304 stainless for the exchanger and 800 incaloy sheath elements with 304 stainless screw plugs.

This increases the life of the product making it more resistant to various corrosive materials. This line of heaters can be used for reverse osmosis systems where water would corrode copper and brass.

These systems will heat many types of fluids and are extremely resistant to corrosive material. Their stainless exchanger and incaloy sheath elements are suitable for food operations, deionized water, and heating salt water. These systems comply with all water restriction laws and brass restriction laws of California and Vermont.

Tankless, Inc. now manufactures stainless steel pool heaters as their company standard.

Previously, these units were an option but with the positive acceptance of the product the company decided to make them standard.

These stainless systems work especially well with applications where pH levels are not balanced. Tankless, Inc. now offers a 10 year warranty on their pool heaters.

The customer has unlimited replacement of all electrical parts for 10 years including ground freight. The customer must return the failed parts at their expense to revalidate their warranty.

These systems provide a much longer life than most copper and brass systems, which could corrode.

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