Safety Shower heaters: Important Features

Safety shower heaters are required so employers can meet OSHA safety standards efficiently.

If you are required to have a safety shower in your company you will need an efficient way to provide the “tepid” water supply. Tepid water is defined as water between 60 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit so in most cases you will need a heat source.

You can do this with a huge tank of warm water or an on demand heating unit. The requirements of 23 gallons per minute for 15 minutes; (20 gallons for the shower and 3 gallons for the sink) would require a large physical tank so normally employers use an on demand unit.

Gas or electric power can be used but normally electric is the choice because of the physical problems of running gas pipe to many locations in a plant. Therefore, an on demand three phase electric unit is normally the easiest selection.

The size heater you need will depend on the temperature of the water coming into your plant. Most companies target the mid-range of 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit as their target temperature because in the middle of winter they will still be able to reach the minimum threshold of 60 degrees.

Always use the lowest possible option for inbound water temperature to be sure your company supplies a large enough unit to comply with the requirements. For example, if your inbound water were 50 degrees and your target temperature 80 degrees, it would take a 350,000 BTU per hour heater to heat the water to the 80 degree level. This equates to 102 kilowatts of heating capacity for an electric product or a 350,000+ BTU per hour gas heater.

What to consider when looking for a heater for an eyewash station or emergency shower:

Control System - You must evaluate your prospective vendors control system to be sure it meets the ANSI requirements for safety showers.

Heater Size - Be sure and recalculate the size unit you need and allow some cushion for colder than normal inbound water temperatures.

Company Experience - How long has your proposed vendor been in the business? Does the salesperson you speak with know their topic?

Efficiency - Normally the efficiency level difference between different brands of on demand heaters is minimal as they all use the same technology.

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