Safety Shower Heaters: Vital Aspects

Emergency safety shower heaters have always been a safety requirement for commercial establishments around the world.

What must a safety shower station and related heater accomplish?

Meet ANSI Standards: A good safety shower heater must match the new ANSI Z358.1 2009 Standards. The ideal ANSI standards for tepid water temperatures (60ºF to 100ºF) in as little as 20 to 30 seconds provide employees with a consistent flow of tepid water – up to 23 GPM – for 15 minutes.

To provide this level of tepid water with the inbound water temperature of 50 degrees requires a large water heater, approximately 350K BTUs per hour which equates to over 100 KW of heating capacity with an electric water heater.

These standards play a vital part as they ensure that safety and integrity of the establishment and the product are maintained.

Efficient provision of heat. Some heaters are more energy efficient than other kinds. For those who are cost conscious you should investigate the energy efficiency of each type of these appliances prior to buying any product.

Redundant Control: Safety features play a vital part when it comes to eye wash station heaters. An ideal emergency safety shower heater minimizes pressure drop. If the water flow changes drastically, you must not be concerned with scalding. Modern day systems guarantee there will be no large temperature swing. Other key safety features that you may need are RS 232 interface to the unit, Incoloy sheathed elements to provide a reliable heat source, an externally mounted emergency stop button, and splash proof NEMA 4 water tight enclosures.

Hopefully, these inputs help you understand key features of a good safety shower heater.


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