Technology Explanation: Safety Shower & Eyewash Combination Units - We offer two significantly different series of units, CF Series and CES Series heaters.

CF Series - These simple fixed output units do the job. CES Series - These sophisticated electronically controlled units cost more, but control temperature with more accuracy and will flow enough fluid for two showers.

Both series units have the following similarities:

1. Meet ANSI Z 358.1 specifications
2. Have freeze protection as a standard feature.
3. Flow over 25 gallons per minute at a low pressure drop.
4. Come in standard three phase voltages.
5. Class 1 Div 2 solutions are available - as are alarms and external kill switches.

The CF Series requires a mixing valve for use with an eyewash and safety shower application. Our CF 72, CF 81, CF 90, CF 108 units, CF 120 KW, and CF 144 KW units are all excellent choices for this application and come with fixed outputs starting at 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Generally, safety shower customers purchase the 90 degree output to possibly avoid use of a mixing valve. Some customers will purchase a unit with 110 , 125. or higher  output temperatures and use a mixing valve to produce tepid water.

The CES Series does an excellent job in safety shower applications set at 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Why would you buy the more expensive CES Series if the CF Series will do the job?

1. The CES Series has three levels of safety to preclude overheating:

a. Software limits the maximum temperature the customer can call for in the unit to 90 degrees. This avoids a customer error. The customer should have the unit set to 80-85 degrees.

b. Fixed output thermostats break the heating circuit at 90 degrees as an added “just in case” safety.

c. A latent heat dispersal option expands the heat dissipation ability of the system by 100% so the latent heat buildup is less than 6 degrees when the safety shower is shut down and the flow drops to 1-2 G.P.M. from 20+ G.P.M. When the safety shower is shut off and the flow drops to just the water required by the eyewash stations the temperature inside the unit can rise as much as 10 degrees without the latent heat dispersal option.

2. The CES Series can communicate via RS 232 interface to a central control location.

3. The CES Series will flow enough for two showers at the same time as based on our tests they will flow 55 G.P. M. at 60 P.S.I.

The CES 144 heater consists of two CES 72 KW heaters each of which has 1” pipe in and out and joins with the systems 1 ¼” outlet. The smallest opening inside each heater is 15/16” so the smallest opening in square inches inside the heater exceeds both the inbound and outbound pipe size.

Therefore, you would expect the minimal /no water restrictions displayed on the chart below. The chart also shows that each of our water heaters will flow significantly over the 23 G.P.M. requirement for a safety shower and drench hose at 60 P.S.I. with the CES 144 flowing 62 G.P.M. which is enough for two showers.

All testing was done in our laboratory in Sarasota Florida.

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