• Side view of skid, eyewash, shower and heater combination

  • Front view safety shower , eyewash, skid, and alarm system

  • Two CF 108 KW units in tandem to provide 216 KW of heating capacity

  • Eyeswash station - shown as part of eyewash, shower and heater combination

  • Front view of skid, eyewash, shower and heater set-up

  • Back view of safety shower heater, skid, shower, and alarm. Not pictured is the eyewash station mounted on the shower

  • Display at safety show with skid, eyewash, shower, shower curtain, and heater combination

  • This photo shows the c-108 with skid and plumbing leading to shower and eyewash unit


By now you have the size water heater you need based on your inbound water temperature. We offer a product that combines our water heater ANSI compliant and safety shower equipment line into a combination unit .

  • A 36 x 60 skid
  • On demand water heater bolted to the skid
  • Safety Shower bolted to the skid and plumbed
    to the water heater
  • Eyewash station installed with the shower and
    plumbed to the system

 The customer provides only:

  • Cold water inlet via 1¼ plumbing
  • Appropriate power and disconnects for the heater

This page shows pictures of all types of safety products we offer but it is not all inclusive.  Please consult with our factory for details of other items that are available

Standard CES 144 in the NEMA 3 enclosure  $9,788

Click here to see more detailed specifications on this unit.

Latent heat removal system-This system reduces the latent heat buildup from 15 F to 6 F.  With this mechanical system there is no need for a mixing valve on an eye wash system. $1400

30 x 60 skid including all plumbing.  Only power and water are required so installation costs are lower an installation much easier.  This picture shows the shower, skid,  shower curtain rod to hold the privacy curtain, and hand rails. $4100

Indoor shower and eyewash station $900


Total Package for one shower  $19,660

You supply only cold water and 200 AMPS at 480 V three phase.

The CE144 KW unit shown here will flow 55+ GPM so you may decide to

install a second shower.


You may need other popular options

External Kill switch 

This kill switch allows power shutdown to the water heater from a
push button on the door of the heater.



Class 1 Div 2 Air System for hazardous areas   $4500   

Enclosures to meet Class 1 Div. 2 requirements. To accomplish this we use a

purging system from Bebco Industries, model 1002. The customer supplies compressed air

and the system removes and prevents the accumulation of flammable gases in the

enclosures.  This system is used with our NEMA 4 boxes to meet the above requirements.

They can also be installed where one larger unit supplies

up to four heaters at a total cost of $4500 plus an added $750 for each added heater

controlled by the same unit.  This is a model 1003 from Bebco Industries and it can service

up to 75 cubic feet of enclosures or four 36 x 48 enclosures.

Outdoor safety shower                                                                                                             


Outdoor Wall mounted Emergency Safety Shower with Eyebath attachment, trace tape
heated and pre-insulated 

Alarm Lights and Audio $2662

The set up would include a flow switch that activates an alarm when the unit is used



  • The Proximity Switch is fitted to the Eye/Facewash to activate a local or remote alarm.

Audible Alarm - Non-Flameproof

Actuated when the Shower and/or Eye wash is being operated.


Problem Definition - Technology Selection - Packaged Solutions - Safety Shower Videos - Pricing

Product Sheet for Safety Shower Skid - Safety Shower Heater Brochure

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