PROBLEM DEFINITION Per ANSI Z 358.1 you must provide tepid water (between 60 and 100 degrees) in volume in case of an accident.

Step#1. Determine how much tepid water you need to produce.

1. Safety Shower - 20 gallons per minute for a minimum of 15 minutes.

2. Drench Hose - 3 gallons per minute.

3. Eye Wash Stations - Each require .4 gallons per minute.

For example, if you have one shower, one hose and an eyewash station that uses 1.2 gallons per minute you need to produce 24.2 gallons of tepid water per minute.

Step #2. What is your in-bound water temperature on the coldest day of the year? The schedule below shows 40, 50, 60, and 70 as possible inbound water temperatures.

Step #3. What is your target temperature? We recommend at least 80 degrees and prefer to see 85 degrees as the target.

The following schedule assumes 24.2 Gallons per minute flow and the red #s indicate the output temperature the heaters we recommend will produce at 24.2 Gallons per minute.

Click on the red # to go to the product page for the recommended product.

Click on the red # above to go to the product page for the recommended product.

Since our units with larger inlets will flow enough water to supply two shower and eyewash set ups from one unit you may want to consider a larger unit and supply two showers with one heater.

The chart below shows that all of our large water heaters including the 3/4 in/out heaters will flow significantly over the 23 G.P.M. requirement for a safety shower and drench hose at 60 P.S.I.

flow chart


Tepid Water Solutions From Tankless

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