Recirculation systems are generally used in one of the following situations:

1. Where you have large hot water needs but with limited electrical power

2. Large buildings and loops where it would take an extremely long time for hot water to reach the point of use without a circulating pump.

We have a number of testimonials from prior customers.  The flashing pictures below are indicative of the types of solutions we can provide.


This “tank and tankless” concept can be applied to our single phase (residential) and three phase (commercial) heaters. Some of the benefits include:
Provides virtually unlimited hot water
Reduces water usage
Saves money on hot water heating costs
Saves floor space

To set up a circulating system you will need a water heating unit ( one our single phase or three phase heaters from 12 KW thru 108 KW). You can find our products under each of the following menu captions.

Our Product Lines: CF-Series (Three Phase) - CE Series (Three Phase) - Cero Series - Beyond 2000 (Single Phase)

Circulating Pumps - Temperature Control Systems


For the storage system or tank you will have to call us as we do not stock them. For the others you can click above to see the list of units we would suggest you select from.

Your first step is to quantify the number of BTU's you need for your system. Please determine the following and call us and we can design your most efficient solution.

1. Starting temperature of water coming in from your water supply

2. Temperature at which you plan to use the water

3. Gallons of hot water used per hour

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