We make our radiant heaters heaters in our factory in Florida and will assemble and ship a complete system if that is what you desire. Our heaters range in size from 40,000 BTUs per hour to over 350,000 BTUs per hour so we should have a system that will work for you. 

Our heaters are often used to heat glycol mixtures as you may decide to do with your system. Some systems are used to keep driveways and other outdoor areas from freezing so there are many different uses for our units.

We would be glad to sell you a complete system or just a single heater if that is your preference. Our main goal is to help you avoid the common mistakes consumers make in the purchase of a system.

Some of the common mistakes consumers make in the purchase of a radiant heating system are: Purchase a heater that is too small or too large - Purchase the wrong size pump - Do not put in enough pex pipe - Do not specify enough zones

How large a system do I need?  There are many variables but an example home is a good idea. A 3,000 square foot home in northern Illinois that has a R-10 wall insulation, R-20 ceiling insulation, and is using under the floor pex heating pipe would need a 80,000 BTU heater on a closed system. (Our model RH-24-4 and a 88,000 per hour BTU heater is a good choice).

Call us to give us your specifications and we can size your application to include the amount of pex pipe, under floor sheathing, zone valves, pumps, fittings and the heater that's right for you.The chart below shows a sample install.

The chart below shows a sample install.

radiant heater sample


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