NEMA ENCLOSURES - Our standard box is NEMA 3, which makes it usable in outdoor and indoor applications but it is not air tight. We make NEMA 4 enclosures for our larger heaters in both the CE series and the C series.

The enclosure is made of steel and coated in a white satin enamel paint that matches the color of our standard units. All enclosures include a hinged door and air tight connectors to allow main power and water line entry.

They are all large enough to allow entry to the top of the heater structure to be able to repair any part of the heater. For that reason they are normally twice the size of our normal NEMA 3 box.

Please see the sizes of NEMA 4 enclosures that correspond to our heaters below. These units are an option when you check out of our shopping cart, or when you call in your order.

Heater Models NEMA 4 Box Size (W x H ) Part Number Cost
CE 36, CF 36 or smaller units. Three or Six element heaters. 20 x 24 NEMA4C6 $1650
CF 48 thru CF 108 12 or 18 element CF series units. 24 x 48 NEMA4C12 $2,150
CE or CES 24 element units(CF 24 element units come std in NEMA 4 enclosures) 36 x 36 NEMA4C12 $1,200
CERO, CE, or CES 12 element units 36 X 36 NEMA4C12 2,150
*An additional $200 shipping fee is added to the above items.

The 24 x 48 NEMA 4 box pictured below encloses a CF 108 KW unit in this case, but can be used on any of our 18 element units. The units and the box weigh a total of almost 400 pounds so it is not easily portable.

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It is shown on the right here with the optional 3” offset casters ($200 upcharge) that allow movement to the usage position.

All enclosures include a hinged door and air tight connectors to allow main power and water line entry.

When ready, the casters can be removed and the unit sits on the floor. 

The casters are offset to make the “wheelbase” wider than the heater so the unit is not top heavy.

Mounting brackets are also available if the customer would like to bolt the unit to the wall instead of setting it on the floor.






The casters are pictured below on their mounting plate that attaches to the forklift rails on the bottom of the NEMA 4 box.

Enclosures to meet Class 1 Div. 2 requirements. To accomplish this we use a purging system from Bebco Industries, model 1002. The customer supplies compressed air and the system removes and prevents the accumulation of flammable gases in the enclosures. This system is used with our NEMA 4 boxes to meet the above requirements.

Cost is $4500 per heating unit. They can also be installed where one larger unit supplies up to four heaters at a total cost of $4500 plus an added $750 for each added heater controlled by the same unit.

This is a model 1003 from Bebco Industries and it can service up to 75 cubic feet of enclosures or four 36 x 48 enclosures.

Please contact us if you are in need of this kind of setup.

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