Tankless Radiant Heaters - Electric Tankless Hot Water Heater Model RH-12-2 Radiant heater

Model RH-12-2 Element 240 Volt Model.  Check the Square Footage Chart.  Gone are the days when people would opt for an electric water heater that would be switched on for hours and the output would be just- lukewarm water. This heater is good for areas up to 500 square feet.

MINIMUM 125 AMPS HOUSE ELECTRICAL SERVICE!  NOTE: Sold and shipped with fittings as per photo.


Dimensions: 10”W x 17”H x 7.75”D (With Fittings, center to center)
For overall width, add 1.5”
Weight: 25 Lbs. Shipped
Material: Stainless Steel Exchanger
Box: White Aluminum Casing
Pipe Size: 3/4” Stainless Steel Female IPS
Voltage: 208/240 Single Phase
Max AMPs: 50 (1x60 AMP Double Throw 220 volt breaker)
BTU Output: 40,944
Efficiency: 98.9%
Operating Range: 0-150 PSI
Protection: Dual Thermals
Manufacturer’s Suggested Price $800

For Contractors or Distributors
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