Thermostatically Controlled Tankless Hot Water Heater Model T-24-4

This thermostatically controlled lectromechanically controlled unit is extremely rugged and has minimal working parts which makes it easy to repair when necessary.

The copper and brass heat exchangers insure a long life for the basic structure.

Our thermostat selections of 90, 110, 125,135,145,155, or 185 are included in the list price and allow you to select an output temperature that meets your requirements.

In either case the unit must be installed with a separate disconnect as there is no on /off in this unit.

 It is turned on at the breakers and is fuse protected on each circuit.

Voltage: Single Phase: 208 , 240 or 277 volts are available.

There are numerous popular options that you may want to consider in the ordering process.

Their individual specifications and pictures are shown on the commercial options page.

Max AMPs: Maximum AMPs vary with voltage. At 208 volts the 24 KW unit requires two 60 AMP breakers. At 240 volts the 24 KW unit requires two 50 AMP breakers and at 277 volts the unit requires two 40 AMP breake



Dimensions: 13”W x 14”H x 7.75”D (With Fittings, center to center) For overall width, add 1.5”. Weight: 38 Lbs. Shipped.
Box: White Aluminum Casing Pipe Size:3/4” Brass Female IPS
BTU Output: 81,888 Efficiency: 98.9%
Operating Range: 0-150 PSI Protection: Dual Thermals
Wiring: See Engineering Chart Material: Copper Exchanger

Manufacturer’s Suggested Price $840

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