Mixing valves are used when you need two different temperatures of water from the same heater. For example, you own a restaurant and need 145 degree water for your three compartment sink and 125 degree water for your restrooms. 

You would buy a heater that creates 145 degree water and pipe that water to the three compartment sink and then install a mixing valve after that to reduce the temperature to a usable level for the restrooms.

They are also used in safety applications to insure the fluid output temperature meets OSHA specifications for eyewash and safety shower applications.

We recommend for general purposes a mixing valve (MVH) supplied by Honeywell at a cost of $175 for the model and $250 for the 1” model(ZW1017). 

It is easily set and monitors the temperature by mixing more or less cold water with the hot water from the heater. 

It can be set from 75 to 145 degrees so it will work in most applications.

Part Number
Pipe Size
Output Temperature Range
Hot Input Temperature Range
MVH ZW1017
¾ "
75-145 F 75-145 F
75-185 F 75-185 F
1 ”
75-145 F 75-145 F
75-185 F 75-185 F

We also offer a mixing valve 24176 from Cash Acme in ¾ for $175. 

This valve allows output temperatures from 100-176 degrees Fahrenheit so you would use it for higher temperature requirements.

3/4 "
100-176 F
100-200 F

The MX 128 C from Honeywell costs $575. This valve comes in the 1 ¼” in and out and mixes water to 90-125 degrees and is primarily used on safety shower applications.

It flows 37 Gallons per minute so it meets the flow requirements for these applications.

MX 128 C
1 ¼ ”
90-125 F
110-150 F
The S19-2100 from Bradley Corporation is offered specifically for safety shower applications.
1 ”
65°F - 95°F
110-140 F

The S19-2100 from Bradley Corporation also has all of these features:

36 GPM at 30 PSI - Single Valve Design

Bradley - Only Manufacturer of Emergency Fixtures and Valves

Meets ANSI Standard Z358.1-2009

Reliable Liquid Filled Thermostat with 10 year warranty

Factory Pre-Set at 85°F

Plus: Adjustable Temperature Range of 65°F - 95°F / Universal Mounting Capability / Positive Shut-off of Hot Supply when Cold Supply is Lost / Built-In Cold Water Bypass Assures Cold Flow / Easy Installation and Serviceability / Dial Thermometer / Rough Bronze or Chrome Plated Finish / Hot input temperature range 110-140 F

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