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This drawing shows a Tankless Inc. CE-72 KW 480 volt three phase delta unit with the following options;

High volume mixing valve to eliminate the impact of latent heat build-up when the unit goes from 20+ gallons per minute down to the eyewash station load of .4 gallons per minute.

1 in/out pipe

Pressure switch The CE 72KW unit will heat 23.4 gallons of water by 21 degrees so if your inbound water is always over 55 degrees we would recommend you use this size unit as you will be close to the mid-range for tepid water of 80 degrees.

Be sure and check the ANSI specifications for additional details. In this CE series units the mixing valve is optional because the water will never be out of the tepid water range as the maximum latent heat buildup is 10 degrees.

In this models we limit the temperature output with software and physical thermostats so there are three levels of protection against overheating.

 Manufacturing - Solar Panels Application

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