Latent Heat Disposal System for Safety Shower Applications -
Date 01/2014



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One of the primary uses of the CE 144 KW unit shown in the picture or for any of our large water heaters is heating cold water to the tepid level (60-100F) for safety shower and eyewash station applications.

A major problem with heating water with an on demand system is latent heat buildup that causes the outbound fluid to be hotter than the heat setting on the unit. This unit in its vanilla form will heat 23 gallons of water by 43F...20 gallons for the shower and 3 gallons for the eyewash. This will allow the fluid temperature to rise to the recommended 85 F mark. But, if a person were using the shower and then shut the unit down and used the eyewash only, the latent heat in the system would cause the water temperature at the eyewash to rise from 85 F to 100 F. This is unacceptable in our opinion.

We therefore developed a latent heat disposal system (patent pending) that reduces the latent heat build up to 6F from 15F which makes a huge difference in customer safety. When you use only the eyewash station after using the shower the heat buildup is minimized so you never exceed or even approach the ANSI specification of 100 F.

This system add-on is highly recommended on any safety shower water heater. If you decide not to buy it with our unit we recommend using a mixing valve.

12 element 48KW to 72 KW $750
18 element(C series) 81 KW, 90 KW, 108 KW $1250
24 element 108 KW or 144 KW $1400



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