How Home Based Hot Water Heaters Work

Everyone uses them but nobody cares about the fact how they work? Yes, we are talking about hot water heaters. These so-called on demand water heaters have become a part of our life rather than becoming the need. So if you are one of the inquisitive minds, continue reading this article as it explains the working of hot water heaters.

A hot water heater is one of the remarkable creations of science. Truly a gift, a normal hot water heater is now available in two different versions – gas water heater and electric water heater. The former though doesn't have the two heating elements but has a gas burner at the bottom along with a chimney in the middle of the tank.  

Technically speaking hot water heaters have a heavy inner steel tank whose capacity varies with each model. The ones for commercial facilities can hold gallons of water while residential models have very limited capacity. Apart from that, the water tank is heavily insulated and a dip tube is provided to facilitate smooth flowing of cold water into the tank. There is another pipe which lets out the hot water from the tank.

Most importantly, every hot water heater is provided with a thermostat. Be it on demand water heaters, radiant heaters or hydronic heaters, each one of them comes with a thermostat that lets the users regulate the temperature from outside. In addition to it, there is a drain valve, pressure relief valve and a sacrificial anode rod that prevents the steel tank from corroding.

Now let's see how hot water heaters work. As told above, the thermostat controls the temperature of water inside from outside. As the water enters in tank, cold water settles at base, owing to high density. Meanwhile, when the water gets heated it rises up and goes to outlet. So you see, it takes  nothing path-breaking but a simple 'heat rises' principle to seperate the hot water from cold water in the tank. 

However, always remember one thing. Buy a hot water heater that suits or meets your requirements. Not just any hot water heater will serve the purpose. So always keep this thing in mind.

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