Great New Features On All Of Our Pool Heaters!

In times when people are not shying away from idea of splurging on their lifestyle, pool heaters have just become another necessity. As the name suggests, pool heaters are ideally meant for pools and spas. Highly efficient, these pool heaters are available in different-capacity models in market. Needless to state, they are instrumental in doing their job of heating a pool or spa, irrespective of the fact whether it is interiors or exteriors. Moreover, installing one unit of pool heater can serve the purpose of heating both, the pool and the spa, which is also a space and pipe-saving option.

Interestingly, currently the market is buzzing red-hot with extremely reliable stainless steel heat exchangers that are meant for salt water and high chlorine content pools. These models work well in such highly corrosive situations. Normally, these models have an average life span of 5+ years. However, if properly maintained, they can last for lifetime. But the heat exchanger's warranty is only 2 years although they too can last for eternity if maintained properly.

These pool heaters (also referred to as 'hot water heaters') can be conveniently mounted to the wall. On top of that, they are absolutely hassle-free to operate. In addition to that, this heater does not makes even the slightest of noise. Moreover, it has been given a pressure control switch which shuts down the heater in case if there is no water pressure. Along with it, there is a time delay switch that delays the turn on function during restart. This in turn, negates every possibility of the pool heater failure which might happen due to a dry start.

For those who don't know, a digital thermostat is provided in these on demand water heaters that automatically controls the pool or spa temperature going up to 110 degrees. However, the normal pool operating temperature should range between 84 to 89 Fahrenheit.

So in case if you are finding it difficult to choose between various types of heaters such as radiant heaters or hydronic heaters for your pool area, better go for pool heaters.

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