Eye Wash Heaters: Important Features

Eye wash heaters are required so employers can meet OSHA safety standards efficiently.

If you are required to have an eyewash station in your company you will need an efficient way to provide the “tepid” water supply. Tepid water is defined as water between 60 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit so in most cases you will need a heat source.

Each eyewash station requires .4 gallons per minute (G.P.M.) of tepid water. If you assume inbound water of 50 F. you need a 6K BTU per hour heater per eyewash station.

Each electric kilowatt KW of heating capacity equates to 3,412 BTUs. Therefore, a 6 KW unit will supply tepid water for three stations and a 12KW six stations if all you go by is the specifications.

Most customers buy a slightly larger unit than is necessary and have a standard of 3 KW per station.

Tankless, Inc has a line of electronic three phase and single phase water heaters in all popular voltages.

They would be factory set to 80 degrees with a temperature maximum of 90 degrees.


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