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This product is used for heating the water required for an eyewash station and a drench shower. The unit provides 245,000 BTU's per hour and a maximum flow rate thru the system of over 30 gallons per minute.

This customer application required two of these 72 KW set ups for two different indoor locations in a large plant and also used two 108 KW units in the standard boxed as the were not in a location that required the NEMA4 protection.

Tepid water...80-90 degrees to be used in eye wash or drench showers.

energy water  application

This drawing shows a Tankless Inc. CF-72 KW unit with the following options added.

NEMA 4 box...This is not a safety shower requirement but it is necessary in some situations.

High volume mixing valve to accommodate the high flows required.

1" in/out pipe required to increase the flow thru the unit and a pressure switch.

1" in/out pipe required to increase the flow thru the unit and The 72 KW unit meets the 23 gallon per minute heating requirements of tepid water (60-100 degrees) for an eyewash and drench showers. It will heat 23 gallons per minute of 60 degree inbound water to 81 degrees F which is in the middle of the required range.

Twenty three gallons per minute is what is required for one eyewash station and one drench shower. The system will flow over 30 gallons per minute so you could utilize as many as one drench shower and three eyewash stations with one unit. Be sure and check the ANSI specifications and the ground water temperature in your location to determine your exact needs.
The unit is also available in a standard box that is 34" x 15" that mounts on the wall.

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