TANKLESS Model E-12-2 Element 240 or 208 Volt Model

This small single phase heater is good for small volume commercial applications.

At 12 KW per hour it heats 2.1 gallons per minute by 40 degrees.

It is not recommended for recirculation systems

When you order you need to tell us if you want the 208 Volt or a 240 Volt unit.

There is no on/off switch with this unit so you must provide separate disconnects at the unit.

If you are using this unit with an eyewash station application you must tell us and we will limit the temperature output to 90 degrees with two software limitations and the separate thermostats to give you three levels of safety.

Output temperature
: Maximun 185 degrees adjustable downward in 1 degree increments Load calculations: Heat required is adjusted once per second to limit temperature variance.

Special features: Dynamic load balancing. Each time the system turns on the sequence the elements turn on changes; #1 becomes #2 and #2 becomes #1. Over time this insures a longer element life.


NOTE: Sold and shipped with fittings as per photo.

Dimensions: 8” W x 14” H x 6.50” D Weight: 25 Lbs. Shipped.
Box: White Aluminum Casing Pipe Size: 3/4 Brass Male IPS
BTU Output: 40,944 Efficiency: 98.9%
Voltage: 208/240 Single Phase Max AMPs: (1x50 AMP Double Throw 220 volt breaker or 1x 60 208 volt breaker)
Operating Range: 0-100 PSI Protection: Quad Thermals and software
Wiring: See Engineering Chart Material: Copper Exchanger

Manufacturer’s Price $545 plus $55 shipping.


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