Product Description Competitor's Specification Our Description
Tankless, fully enclosed exterior water heater capable of producing "tepid" water to two exterior eyewash/shower stations. The Same.
Flow Rate
Minimum flow rate of 40 G.P.M. at 80 P.S.I. Our CF 108 or CES 108 units will flow 42 and 62 GPM at 60 PSI respectively based on our tests and they will flow more at 80 PSI. Please see our flow test chart in our Select A Technology Area for our test results.
Temperature Rise
Minimum temperature rise of 18 degrees F. at 40 GPM. Our CF or CES 108 units will do an 18.5 degree rise at 40 GPM. Our Define Your Problem Area will help you to determine the size unit needed based on the temperature of your inbound water and your desired output temperature.
ANSI  Z 358.1 2004. All our units engineered for safety showers comply with this standard.
Electrical requirements
480 three phase. Our safety shower units are available in either 480 Volt or 575 volt three phase.
NEMA 4x enclosure. This is a stainless steel enclosure suitable for highly corrosive environments and is available in all our units.
Safety requirements
Provide anti scald and overheat protection.

Our CES units have three levels of overheat and anti-scald protection; two software driven and one mechanical.

Our CF Series units require a mixing valve for anti - scald protection.

Emergency Stop
Provides an external emergency stop button. This is available on all our units but is an option that must be requested.
Provide a dual PID control with digital display of set point and actual temperature. The computer board on our CES models 108 or 144 displays the set point for 45 seconds of every minute and the actual outbound temperature for the other 15 seconds.  Our CF series could meet this requirement but if you need it we recommend the CES series.
Anti freeze protection
Provides anti-freeze protection. All of our heaters come standard with anti-freeze protection.
Not available. Please obtain a quotation for the same size unit and features from a competitor and compare it to our web posted prices.
Pressure Drop

Some of our competitors claim to have a low pressure drop and believe that this is a significant advantage. Please see the chart below that compares the pressure drop of our heaters with the competition. We took the competitions information from their web site. We did our tests at our facility.

Based on what we know our CE 144 KW system has the least pressure drop of any product on the market.

Our CF series units with 1” pipe in and out are roughly comparable to the competition in terms of pressure drop up to a flow rate of 25 GPM and our ¾ “ output units are inferior to the competition in terms of pressure drop but will still flow more than the required amount of tepid water at a normal water pressure level of over 40 PSI. 

Any unit we make can be equipped with the 1” in and out pipe.

If you still aren't sure which product is best for you, don't hesitate to contact us.

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