Commercial  MODEL CES-60-KW
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Suggested Retail Price
$5300 Contractors or Distributors
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  • Electronic controls with minimal working parts

  • Dynamic load balancing insures even element wear to improve longevity

  • Standard NEMA 3 enclosure provided with NEMA 4 available

  • Output temperature adjustable in one degree increments

  • LED shows output temperature setting and flashes actual temperature if the customer is asking for more heat than is available

  • Stainless steel heat exchangers

  • Individually fused elements

  • 1 " in/out stainless pipe and valves included

  • Flows 35 GPM

  • ANSI Z 358.1 compliant

  • Certified to CSA STD E60335-2-35

  • Conforms to UL 499

  • Heats 20 gallons per minute or 1200 gallons per hour by 20 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Three standard over temperature protections

  • Optional latent heat disposal system reduces latent heat temperature increase to 6 F

  • Recommended in safety shower applications if your incoming water is always
    over 53 degrees F

  • Factory set at 85 F with maximum of 90 F output

  • 205K BTUs per hour

  • Freeze protection standard

  • Class 1 Division 2 system available

 Specifically engineered for tepid water solutions at emergency eyewash stations or safety showers


Phase of Electricity Required   Three
Individually Fused elements   Yes
Full Load AMP Draw at Available Three Phase Voltages    
Full Load Amp Draw at 575   n/a
Full Load Amp Draw at 480   72
Full Load Amp Draw at 240   143
Full Load Amp Draw at 208   167
In/Out Pipe Size   1 "
Heat Exchanger Material   316 SS
Enclosure Size W x H x D   16 x 32 x 8
Area Needed To Install and Repair   43 x 56 x 40
Enclosure Size Including Fittings   22.5 x 44 x 8
Enclosure Rating   Nema 3 - Nema 4 Available
Mounted at Customer Site Via   Brackets at top and bottom of box
Y or Delta Configuration for 480 Volt Units   Delta
Efficiency Rating   98.90%
Operating Pressure Range   0-150 PSI
BTU Output Per Hour   204,720
Temperature Output Maximum   90
Output Tempaerature Adjustable   Yes- 1 Degree Increments
Output Temperature Settings Available   60 to 90 F
Temperature Output Minimum   60
Freeze Protection   Yes (Standard)
Number of Over Temp Protections   Three
RS 232 Interface Available   Yes
Minimum Flow To Engage   2.0
Maximum Flow at 60 PSI   32
Shipping Weight   90 Lbs.
Shipping Box Size   44 x 15 1/8 x 20
Warranty   2 Years Electrical Parts
5 Years on Heat Exchanger

NEMA 4 Enclosures to allow outside installation
Mixing Valves to allow two temperature outputs from the same unit
Temperature Controls and safety switches
Pumps for recirculating systems
RS 232 Interface

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