The Tankless Beyond 2000 is specially designed for our business and homeowner customers that need large amounts of hot water.  It offers these customers the benefit of the tankless concept’s substantial savings and the back-up supply of a reservoir tank.

This “tank and tankless” concept can be applied to our single phase (residential) and three phase (commercial) heaters.  Some of the benefits include:

Provides virtually unlimited hot water

Reduces water usage

Saves money on hot water heating costs

Saves floor space

The Tankless Beyond 2000 system will deliver an endless supply of pure hot water when utilizing several appliances or fixtures at the same time. Digitally controlled temperatures deliver safe, anti scald water in an even distribution. With a faster recovery time than traditional water tanks, daily hot water use can be increased - while operating costs are much lower.

The Tankless Beyond 2000 uses your traditional water tank, plus the addition of the Tankless On Demand Heating System to reduce energy costs, without sacrificing your demand for hot water. For More Information on The Beyond 2000 - or to order your own, choose from one of the links below:

Beyond 2000 Home Page - Product List - Product Specifications


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