1982 Bob DeBonta develops residential single phase heater for South Florida

1988 Underwriters Laboratories (UL) approval received on house heater

1990 First pool heater developed and sold

1990 AMP share concept developed so home could use both a pool heater and house heater on the same breakers

1998 Intertek (ETL) approval received on house heaters

1998 First vacubreaker for low pressure chillers tested and sold

1998 First Electronic residential heater tried. Idea dropped

2000 First three phase commercial units sold

2005 DeBonta learns he has cancer

2007 ETL approval received for commercial heaters

2007 DeBonta passes away and his widow decides to sell the company

2008 Hicks buys company from DeBonta’s widow and changes the legal name to Wild Dunes Inc.

2009 Residential electronic prototypes installed

2009 Test facility built to allow testing of all units made under full power for at least 1 hour prior to shipment

2009 Commercial 480 volt units changed to include transformer for 480 versus a 110 volt plug in

2009 Commercial line added use of pressure switch and air separator for all units

2010 Redesigned residential electronic units approved by UL

2010 Commercial electronic units approved by ETL

2010 575 volt elements added to allow Canadian exports.

2010 Commercial line enlarged from 18 thru 72KW to 12 thru 108KW at various voltages and approved by ETL

2011 NEMA 4 enclosures added to line

2011 Stainless steel commercial and pool heaters added to line as an option upon approval and receipt of stainless steel screw plug elements

2011 GSA contract awarded by government after rigorous customer satisfaction reviews

2011 Residential/single phase mechanical unit redesigned and approved by ETL

2012 In house welding department added

2012 Commercial product line expanded to include larger 144 KW combination units

2012 Test facility expanded to include 60 G.P.M. pump to test at high volume

2012 Pressure tests performed on commercial line to determine the pressure drop at differing flow rates

2012 CE 144 introduced as safety shower heater at Safety show

2012 Safety shower heater, safety shower, eyewash station, and skid package introduced at Safety Show in Orlando

2012 RS 232 inter face offered as option to commercial electronic units…CE series.

2013 Titanium sheath elements added for salt water pools and heating DI water

2013 Pool heater line redesigned to include 1 ˝ in and out connectors

2013 Bim/Revitt models made and installed at

2014 Bim/Revitt models installed at

2014 Pool heaters offered on

2014 CR series added to line to service restaurants

2014 CF series line added with flow switch and line expanded to 144 KW

2014 CE series added individual fusing

2015 Added CES series units designed specifically for the safety shower market

2015 Added Nema 3 enclosures for the larger electronic units

2015 Added adjustable temperatures and pressure reduction valves for the CR series

2016 Improved air reduction and product reliability by changing the orientation of the product line to hot out on the top and cold in on the bottom

2016 Improved testing capabilities by testing all heat exchangers to 300 PSI


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