This piece of equipment requires an experienced electrician to repair. Do not attempt to repair this unit without the appropriate experience

We make numerous types of units. Before you call the factory for help on your unit please obtain the following information.

1.  Serial #-- This is a five digit number beginning with 1 on the front cover of the unit.
2.  Product item number-- The label on the front cover also shows the item number. Examples are H 12 2, H-14-2, H-16-2, T-18-4, E-24-4, T-28-4, SP-12-2,etc.

H series was made from 1982 thru 2010
T series made from 2011 on
E series made from 2009 on
SP series made from 2000 on

3.  Download and print the product manual from the website. All operating manuals are published on the website. They can be located as part of the troubleshooting area or in the product
     specifications area for the unit you purchased. In that manual is a troubleshooting area for each type unit.
4.  Read the manual -especially the trouble shooting area and view the heater in operation so you can respond to
     questions from the factory.

Call us at 800 826 5537. You should get a live person between the hours of 8-7 EST Monday thru Friday. Calls will not be answered after 7 PM EST. If you call back try and speak with the same customer service person that helped you before.

To obtain service you will be required to prove the unit is installed according to the operating manual. I would suggest you send pictures of your current installation to before you call if you plan on buying parts.

All our units work effectively the same, except the measurement and switching systems are different. To effectively help us diagnose a problem you will need the following tools.
1.  Amp meter
2.  Continuity tester
3.  Voltage tester

Download manuals here

H series manual
E series manual
T series manuals
SP series manuals

If you are still having trouble please fill out the Troubleshooting form.  Filling out and sending us the form at the right will enable us to determine the status of your warranty and also allow us to prepare for the call from your electrician. You can fax them at 941-755-6529 or email them to This will expedite the process of getting your heater back into optimum operation.

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Did you file a Warranty Card?*
Was the unit installed by a licensed Plumber or Electrical Contractor?*
Is the water supply to this heater from a well or city water?*
Has there been a period of time when the unit may have been dry (water shut off)?*
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