Tankless, Inc. is showing their newest ”on demand” water heaters at the
National Safety Council show in Orlando

August 23, 2012 - Tankless, Inc. is showing their newest ” on demand” water heaters at the National Safety Council show in Orlando from October 22-24.

The primary focus will be the C E 144 KW unit for use with larger safety shower applications in a NEMA 4 enclosure. Also, of interest will be the smaller CE 18 KW model for use with eye wash individual units.
The models create “tepid” water per the safety specifications in volumes of up to 40 gallons per minute.
This newest model with 1 ¼ “in and out pipe has the lowest published pressure drop in the industry so it will flow over 60 G.P.M. at 60 P.S.I.

Both products are competitively priced, efficient, and were released for production within the past year.
The Tankless line now includes three phase electric heaters from $899 for the 12 KW unit thru $8000 for the CE 144 KW unit. The same rugged brass and copper heat exchanger construction from prior models continues with the new lines.

Also available is an all stainless line for food processing and de-ionized water applications.
As with all Tankless Inc. units the products are “Rugged, Reliable, and Repairable”.

Come see us at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando from October 22-24 or at our website at hotwaterheater.com , e mail us at info@hotwaterheater.com, or call at 800 Tankless(826-5537).

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