Important things to know about Electric and Gas water heaters

If you are a homeowner who is interested in buying a hot water heater, you must be wondering as to what type of heater would best suit your needs. Given below are some important things that you should know about electric and gas water heaters so as to take an informed buying decision.

Electric water heaters make use of internal heating elements for heating the water. These heaters direct the electricity towards heating the water and as such there is no wastage of electricity. Gas water heaters on the other hand tend to waste a lot of energy. The gas flame is applied on the exterior surface of the tank which results in wastage of as much as 30% of gas. Electric water heaters are therefore energy efficient when compared to gas heaters.

It is believed that gas powered heaters are more susceptible to corrosion since the tank is directly exposed to heat. The wear and tear in gas water heaters is faster than that in electric heaters. Other than this, the life span of your water heater would depend on the type of water that is supplied into the heater tank. Hard water contains calcium deposits and therefore speeds up corrosion and wear and tear of the water tank of the heater.

The cost of a simple gas hot water heater is way less than a basic electric heater. But electric gas heaters have lower installation expense. Natural gas heaters are difficult to install and require professionals to install them safely. On the other hand with a basic knowledge about electric work, anyone can install electric power heater.

When determining the cost of the water heater, you must also take in to account the operational cost. Find out the cost of electricity in your area and compare it with the cost of natural gas.

Gas heaters emit carbon into the environment. But significantly large quantities of emissions are produced for generating electricity. If you are concerned about the environment, gas water heaters are better options.

Finally, you must consider the safety aspect of having both these water heaters. Gas water heaters are considered to be risky as gas often leaks from these heaters leading to explosions and accidents.

Keep the above facts in mind when choosing between gas and electric water heaters.

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