11/1/17 Added low watt density elements for deionized water heaters. Click here for more information
  8/1/17 Added low Watt density Elements as an optional item. The increased durability increases the life and reliability of our water heaters.
Click here for more information
  7/1/17 Converted to 316 SS for all heat exchangers from 304 SS.
  05/1/16 Improved air removal
achieved with product
design change.

hot water heaters
Tankless, Inc. was founded in 1982 by a former plumber and primarily served the Sarasota, Florida residential market until 2001 when we began making commercial heaters.
hot water heaters
Industry Compliant
All our products are UL 499 compliant and our processes reviewed and tested by an outside testing agency each quarter and use stainless steel heat exchangers and incoloy sheathed elements with titanium sheathing available.
hot water heaters
Area of Focus
Over the years our focus changed to primarily commercial units that use three phase electricity. We do make and service pool heaters and residential heaters and those products can be found at our sister web site tanklessheaters.com.
hot water heaters
Reputation in the community
Our repeat customer list includes many household names and we are proud of our reputation for quality products and service.
hot water heaters
Our commercial three phase water heaters range in size from 12 KW and around $1000 to 144 KW and over $10,000.
hot water heaters Rugged and Reliable We now have low watt density elements available for industrial applications that last over ten times as long when on in air with no water in the vessel as the general purpose high watt density models. We also have titanium sheathed elements available in the low watt density form for the most demanding of applications. Our warranty on electrical parts is 2 years which to our knowledge is the longest in the industry. Our continual improvement of parts used in the product has improved the product quality and longevity dramatically over the past decade.

All our heat exchangers are 316 SS. Our general purpose heating element sheathing material is 800 incoloy and the screw plug material is 304 SS.
hot water heaters Repairable in the field An electrician can repair any of our units on-site. We have a technician available from 8 AM EST to 7 PM EST to help you troubleshoot and repair any of our heaters. We will come to you when necessary.
hot water heaters Reasonably Priced Our prices are shown on the website and we ask you to compare us to the competition. Many of our repeat customers are large industrial companies and provide excellent references.
hot water heaters Made in USA Our assembly, machining, welding, and research and development is all done in Sarasota, Florida
hot water heaters Customer Service We are easy to reach and ready to help.
Click on the images of the models below to get more information
CES 144 KW
Unit for safety shower and eyewash applications. 60 to 90 F.  Adjustable temperatures and three standard over temperature protections with a fourth as optional. Other sizes from 12-120 KW
are available
CE 144 KW
Commercial water heater and boiler replacement with Adjustable temperatures from 60 to 185 F with 12-120 KW also available
CF 108 KW
Industrial water heater 370K BTU per hour 90 to 200 F output
CF 48 KW
Commercial water heater  167K BTU per hour 90 to 200F output
Caustic/corrosive fluid water heater Titanium elements  Adjustable output from 60 to 185 F
Industrial water heater 245 BTU per hour
Tankless, Inc. 2060 Whitfield Park Ave., Sarasota, FL 34243 Phone: 1-800-TANKLESS 1-800-826-5537

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